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Nat Hansuvadha

  • Associate Professor: Department of Liberal Studies
  • Associate Professor: Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling
  • Program Coordinator: Master of Science in Special Education

Dr. Hansuvadha has had over 6 years of classroom experience in special education classrooms where she has worked as a Special Day Class teacher serving early childhood and elementary students with mild/moderate  and moderate/severe disabilities in Ventura County, California. Currently, she is the program coordinator for the Master of Science program in Special Education and Clear Credential programs. Dr. Hansuvadha is passionate about enhancing the quality of inclusive teacher preparation so that all teachers can effectively serve diverse learners. Her teaching, service, and research activities align with this vision.


Ph.D. Education, University of Washington, 2006
M.A.Special Education, California State University, Los Angeles, 2000
B.A. Psychology, University of California, San Diego, 1997

Professional Licenses and Credentials

Education Specialist Teaching Credential, Mild to Moderate Disabilities

Research Interests

My areas of research include:

  • Collaboration among special education teachers and culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) families of children with special needs

  • Disproportionality in special education, namely over-representation of CLD students

  • Effective teacher preparation of general and special educators for multicultural and diverse inclusive classrooms

  • Culturally responseive partnerships among families, schools, and communities

Representative Publications

Zacher Pandya, J., Hansuvadha, N., & Pagdilao, K. (accepted February 2016). Exploiting the affordances of multimodal, digital  composition for children with autism: Lessons from Cindy. Submitted to Language Arts.

Hansuvadha, N. & Slater, C. (2012). Culturally competent school leaders: The individual and the system. Educational Forum, 76(2), 174-189. [Peer-reviewed].

Hansuvadha, H. & Sramek, H. (March, 2011). Teaching collaboration through person-centered  planning. Russian-American Education Forum Online, 3(1).

Hansuvadha, N. (March, 2011). “What’s in a name:  Critical episodes of an Asian-American teacher educator.” In Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional ChildrenKnowledge, Skills and Dispositions for Culturally Competent and Inter-culturally Sensitive Leaders in Education Monograph.

Hansuvadha, N. (June, 2011). The power of one team’s journey towards collaboration: Part II. The Monarch Center: Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of

Hansuvadha, N. (February, 2011). The power of one team’s journey towards collaboration: Part I. The Monarch Center: Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of

Hansuvadha, N. (2009). Compromise in collaborating with families: Perspectives of beginning special education teachers. Journal of Early Childhood Education, 30, 346-362.

Hansuvadha, N., & Sramek, H. (2008). “Historical Foundations of SpecialEducation in the United States.” (Russian translation.) In With Hope for theFuture and Faith in Success: Special Education in Russia and the USA. Eds. Kitsul, Natalia, Tatyana Tsyrlina-Spady, Carol Zitzer-Comfort and Nat Hansuvadha. Publishing House of Regional Open Social Institute, Kursk,Russia, 198-209.

Kitsul, N., Tsyrlina-Spady,T.,  Zitzer-Comfort,C., & Hansuvadha, N. (2008). With Hope for the Future and Faith in Success:Special Education in Russia and the USA.Eds. Eds. Publishing House ofRegional Open Social Institute, Kursk, Russia.

Recent Conference Presentations

Hansuvadha, N. & Pavri, S. (2016). Teacher preparation for inclusive schools: A blended general & special education certification program. Accepted presentation at the California Council on Teacher Education Conference. San Jose, CA. April 2015.

Pavri, S. Richards-Tutor,C. & Hansuvadha, N. (2015). Development of a dual licensure program: Preparing candidates to teach all students in urban settings. Accepted presentation at the Teacher Education Conference. Tempe, AZ. November 2015.

Pavri, S., & Hansuvadha, N.  (2015). What do administrators look for when hiring beginning special education teachers?: Impact of the changing and legal landscape. Accepted presentation at the Teacher Education Conference. Tempe, AZ. November 2015.

Zacher Pandya, J., Hansuvadha, N., & Pagdilao, K. (2015). Digital Video Composition with Children with Special Needs as Redistributive Social Justice: Javier’s Case. American Education Research Association (AERA). Chicago, IL.

Hansuvadha, N., Piker, N., Melton, L., Gradin, S., Codd, G., & Parsons, S. (2014). Early Learning Program Showcase. CSULB, Long Beach. August 22, 2014.

Hansuvadha, N., Piker, N., Melton, L., & Parsons, S. (2014). Preparing educators for transitional kindergarten. CSU Chancellor’s Office, Long Beach. CA. (April 20, 2014).

Hansuvadha, N., & Piker, R. (2014). Infusing Early Learning Foundations in Elementary Teacher Preparation. National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Education (NAECTE). Washington, D.C. (November 20, 2013).

Hansuvadha, N., & Piker, R. (2013). Early Learning Foundation Urban Teacher Fellowship Project; Preliminary Findings of a Constructivist Teacher Pathway. California Council of Teacher Education. San Diego, CA. (October, 2013).

Hansuvadha, N. (2012). Parent Rights & Participation in Special Education: Why It Matters. California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) Conference. Sacramento, CA. March 7-12, 2012).

Campus Leadership

CSU Teacher Recruitment Initiative (CSULB Project Champion). March 2016-present.

Better Together: California Teachers Conference (Project Coordinator). July 2015, 2016.

Asian Pacific Islander Network (Co-Chair). September 2008-present.