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Bachelor of Arts in Dance

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Dance

All students enter CSULB Dance in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Dance program, providing students with a balanced course of study that prepares them for careers in dance as performers, educators, arts administrators, health and fitness specialists, and/or graduate study in dance while providing opportunities for study in specific areas of personal interest.  

For up to date degree requrments, visit the CSULB Catalog.

Student Learning Outcomes for BA in Dance

  1. Majors will develop competency in modern dance and ballet, enabling them to pursue careers in education, health and fitness, professional arenas, or to further their academic dance pursuits.
  2. Majors will gain an overview of the historical, cultural, and scientific dimensions of dance.
  3. Majors will have explored the fundamental skills and techniques necessary for the public performance of dance.
  4. Majors will have practical experience in the production and technological aspects of dance.
  5. Majors will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the craft and aesthetic qualities of dance orally, practically, and in writing.