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Prospective Students

This section of the Liberal Studies web site serves as a quick resource for those who are interested in becoming Liberal Studies majors at CSULB.  Prospective students are encouraged to browse our Liberal Studies website for detailed program information and resources.

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Why Choose Liberal Studies at CSULB?

An undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies provides a rich academic foundation for meeting a wide range of goals, including teaching in K-8 classrooms and/or special education. For students pursuing the field of Elementary or Special Education teaching, the Liberal Studies program is a direct route toward majoring in the field of Education.

At CSULB, we pride ourselves on - 

  • the Liberal Studies Program has both Bachelors (BA only) and Integrated options (BA and Credentials) for graduation.
  • the Liberal Studies Program has one of the highest graduation rates in a 4 or 5 year time frame, within the university.
  • the Liberal Studies program is a CTC-Approved Elementary Subject Matter Waiver Program. 
  • the Liberal Studies program has an excellent Student to Advisor Ratio for support, typically with 1 Advisor to 300 Students.

If you or someone you know holds interest in applying to the Liberal Studies program at CSULB, we recommend they browse our website in-depth to explore all required coursework and program requirements, as well as opportunities. Once you have made a decision on choosing CSULB, be sure to move forward on steps for applying and knowing what to expect.


Admission to CSULB

Freshmen and Transfer Admits must apply to CSULB and have minimum eligibility to be considered for admissions at CSULB.

Freshmen Admissions

CSULB accepts applications from entering freshmen students each year from October 1 through November 30 for admission to the following Fall semester.

Transfer Admissions

CSULB accepts applications from upper-division transfer students each year from October 1 through November 30 for admission to the following Fall semester and from August 1 through August 31 for the Spring semester. 

For questions or concerns regarding Admissions or your CSU Apply Application, we recommend to start communications with the Admissions Office (link) at CSULB.

Beach Central

Office: Brotman Hall, 123

Phone: 562.985.5471

Finances & Financial Aid at CSULB

As a prospective undergraduate student, everything to know about Financial Aid and the many options available to you can be found on the Financial Aid website (link), including the cost of attending and the associated fees, the type of aid available and the eligibility requirements for the type of aid available. 

Beach Central

Office: Brotman Hall, 123

Phone: 562.985.8403

Advising for Prospective Students

Non-matriculated students who wish to discuss becoming a Liberal Studies major at CSULB are welcome to call or visit the Teacher Preparation Advising Center at (562) 985-1105 or  EED-67, and speak with an available Liberal Studies advisor. For weekly walk-in advising hours, refer to the Liberal Studies Homepage (link). We do not schedule advising appointments with students until after the start of their first semester at CSULB.

Students who already hold a Bachelor's degree and wish to pursue Teacher Credentialing should call or visit the Teacher Preparation Advising Center (TPAC) at (562) 985-1105 or EED-67, and ask to speak with a Credential advisor. Unfortunately, Liberal Studies is not an eligible major option for students who already possess a Bachelor's Degree and wish to pursue a second degree at CSULB. 

SOAR - Orientation to CSULB

Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) is a comprehensive orientation and advising program designed to support newly admitted students' transition – both academically and socially – to CSULB. After a student is successfully admitted to CSULB and their intended major or program, students are then required to complete the Online Pre-SOAR Program and attend an in-person SOAR Workshop before registering for their first semester's classes. Details regarding the online program and workshop are emailed to the student once formally admitted to CSULB and after submission of the CSULB Enrollment Deposit.

For more information about SOAR, refer to the SOAR Workshop Information (link) page.