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Fifth Annual Alumni Mixer

This year I had the privilege of attending CSULB’s 5th annual Alumni Mixer. The event was held in the COB courtyard on Saturday, October 14th, 2019. This mixer is held every year to allow current students and faculty to interact and network with CSULB alumni. 

The Alumni Mixer offers an open bar and & hors d’oeuvres! Seeing alumni succeeding in their current jobs gives a ray of hope for all students. After asking other students who attended, I found the night to be a success and there was definitely a consensus on their experience. Current students from the MSM, AMBA, & OMBA programs expressed how the mixer allowed them to comfortably get to know alumni. Alumni, Ian Shirey, also enjoyed the event thoroughly and expressed how nice it was to see his classmates again.

As a whole, the 5th annual Alumni Mixer was a huge success. Today, making connections and expanding your network is considered everything. Having a network behind you is huge, as it helps you advance your professional career. I hope this event continues to bring alumni, students, and faculty closer every year.

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