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Fall 2019 Graduate Programs Orientations – Welcome Students

Collage of Students

The Graduate Programs in Business conducted three new student orientations in August to welcome the fall 2019 admitted students. The Orientations focused on preparing students to work in teams, mastering case discussion methods, and beginning preparation for their career post-graduation. 

Diane Flamm, a student from the Online MBA program, attended the orientation along with the Evening MBA program and expressed how excited and nervous she was to attend, as this would be her first-time meeting everyone. This seemed to be the consensus between all graduate programs. As the days progressed, students were able to interact and network with one another. They all seemed to become comfortable and at ease with their peers. 

Spending a weekend where students focused on learning every aspect of their program can seem overwhelming. However, students found it to be extremely helpful. Raymond Leiva Hernandez, an MS Finance student, attended the orientation with the MS Marketing, MS Accountancy & MS Information Systems programs. He mentioned that the orientation helped him understand how the program was going to work and made him excited to start. The students in the graduate programs have come to appreciate and utilize orientation. Getting hands-on experience with your fellow peers is a great experience. 

Ashwitha Reddy Chinnamail, a student from the Accelerated MBA program, attended the orientation with the Saturday MBA and discussed how helpful the orientation case study and other assignments were to prepare her for her first year. She also said how nice it was to interact and spend time with her future cohort. Setting the foundation with her cohort ensured a great first day and semester. 

As a whole, the Fall 2019 orientations were a huge success. Students were able to interact and network with their fellow peers, faculty, and alumni, all while preparing for post-grad, in-class case discussion methods, and mastering teamwork. Thus, creating a base that they will carry for the rest of their time here at CSULB. GO BEACH!

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