Students' designs shine at Campus Couture Fashion Show

Published May 15, 2017

Fashion ShowThe stage served as their resume, many revealing their talent for the first time in their fashion careers.

Despite the bright lights and steady glare from the judges, the 35 student designers didn’t flinch during Friday’s 29th annual Campus Couture Fashion Show. The students proudly showed off their clothing lines they had produced throughout the school year, taking a bow after each collection.

The student-run fashion show, put on by Cal State Long Beach’s Fashion Merchandising & Design department, started off with the Collaborative Senior Collection, which was a tribute to Star Wars, with Princess Lea-inspired dresses, plenty of cloaks and a men’s fur cape. The sophomore collection went next, highlighted by skirts of varying lengths and types. There were pleats, slits, denim and a splashy blue and black leather-and-metal piece.

The junior collection featured satins, sheer sleeves and a touch of pink and funk. 

The senior design class each showed off their featured collections. Tatyana Michelle’s line led off with a sleek wedding dress and long veil, followed by a series of outfits that gave off a vacation feel, clothes fit for a honeymoon.

Male model display fur coatMimi Lee’s goth-influenced collection, with its Maleficent-inspired headwear, stood out among the gold, lace, geometric designs and classic Parisian color palettes that marked many of the other lines.

The designs were judged by a panel of six judges, including associate professor Suzanne Marshall, head of Fashion Merchandising & Design. Stephanie Langford was the night’s big winner, taking home the Rising Star and Flat Pattern awards for her geometric swirl dress and jacket ensemble. The multi-colored outfit prompted one judge to ask Langford to make her one.

Best of Show award went to Sara Tepo for her "Draping" class project, a impressive black and white jumpsuit. 

Abby Pollack’s collection of bold colors, striped tuxedo pants and fur vest, earned her the Most Marketable award, while Yvonne Macias’ asymmetrical line earned her the Paris Pick award.

Paris judges Kristina Mossessyants and Henri Carvalho said that Macias “took risks and played with classics” and showed off clothing that a “Parisian woman would wear.”

Other winners were Fabiola Hernandez (Corset), Carla Camino (Couture), Pollack (Reclaimed, Person 1 of team), Macias (Person 2 of team), Tepo (Draping) and Sara Norman (Knits). Norman also was named Outstanding Fashion Design student and Zain Alkurdi the Outstanding Fashion Merchandising student.

29th Campus Couture Photo Gallery