Google that: Tech company offers classes

Published April 25, 2017

Robbie Chi took a seat at one of the tables, eager to get started. He wanted to know more about databases and algorithms in relation to maps and who better to learn from than a Google engineer. The lure of hearing first-hand from someone in the computer science industry was why he was willing to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon at the Engineering and Computer Science building.

“This will help me when I go to find a job because I will know more of what I will need for Android systems,” said Chi, a senior computer science major.

Throughout the month of April, Google scheduled four four-hour sessions on Google igniteCS & Applied CS with Android for Cal State Long Beach students in collaboration with the Career Development Center and the College of Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Chair Burkhard Englert said it’s a great opportunity for the students.

“The students get some practical experience, seeing what the industry is looking at and are being exposed to something beyond course work,” Englert said. “They can do these extracurricular activities that help them understand more difficult concepts because they see the use in practical concepts.”

Students who signed up were given assignments during the week and expected to complete them by the following Saturday. Last week, 21 students showed up to listen to Google engineer Ed Walker give his presentation.

Englert said Google reached out to CSULB and set up the course.

“I think it’s a great experience,” Englert said. “It’s something different. It’s work and it’s Google and they see what the industry is thinking, and what could be useful to help prepare them for a career in this industry.”


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