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Training and Support

Training and Support

We offer customized group training sessions on instructional design tools and pedagogies. Contact us at to initiate your request. 

Flipped, Hybrid or Online Teaching Training

Create or re-design your face-to-face class to flipped, hybrid or online. Develop materials for the first three weeks of your course (i.e., syllabus, welcome email, course home page and learning modules with online lectures and in-class activities and assessments).

Enhance Your Flipped, Hybrid or Online Course

Review the quality of your flipped, hybrid or online course and enhance its design, components and delivery based on a course quality rubric (i.e., Quality Matters or Quality Learning and Teaching).

Active Learning Classroom Training

Design engaging activities for your active learning classroom; Incorporate various teaching and learning styles when using the learning spaces and technology in the room. For this particular training, please contact Airek Mathews for your requests.

Self-Paced Training

Access these self-paced online tutorials for quick skill development: